Process Automation Specialist - Challenge 1

Hi rangers,

Watching videos is easy these days than reading, but what if you just have to follow the steps for a challenge , Isn't a time taking process for you ?? Moreover it takes lot of your internet MB's to get ahead.

Wondering for an easy solution. Here it is-

Let's follow the steps together -

Prerequisite: Make sure you have successfully logged in to your trailhead playground and have installed the package: 

    Package Name: Process Automation Superbadge unmanaged package 

    Package ID: 04t46000001Zch4

Make a new user as -

    First name: Nushi 

    Last name: Davoud

    Alias: will be filled automatically as ndavo.

    Email: your own unique email id will work fine.

    Username: will be autofilled but you can change it to an easy one . Make sure it is unique. 

    User License: Salesforce

    Profile: Standard User


Now, edit your own details make Nushi as your own manager-

  • Click edit in front of your name.
  • Scroll down at the bottom of page, under approver settings.
    Manager Lookup (New Window)  

  • Click on Save
Great!! we all are done with preps. Let's get started.

1. Lead Validation Rule Setup :

  • Setup >>> Object Manager >>> Lead >>> Validation Rules >> New

                Error Condition Formula:


(NOT(Country ="US" || Country ="USA" || Country ="United States" || ISBLANK(Country) ) )

  • Error Message: You can not create non US leads.
  • Error Location: Field – country
  • Save it !!!

2.   Queue Setup :

  • Home >>> Queue (search it in Quick Find Box) >>> New
  • Label: Rainbow Sales
  • Queue Name: will be auto filled as Rainbow_Sales
  • Supported object: From available objects, add Lead in the selected objects.
  • Save

Similarly,  make another queue with label as "Assembly System Sales"


3. Lead Assignment Rule Setup : 

For assigning lead to Rainbow Sales-

  • Home >>> Lead Assignment rule(search it in Quick Find Box) >>> New
  • Rule Name: Process Automation Specialist
  • Tick the checkbox of active.
  • Save !!!
  • Click on the rule named Process Automation Specialist.
  • Click on new in rule entries-
  • Sort Order: 1
  • Run this rule if - criteria are met 

  • Select queue to assign the lead to

  • Save !!!

Similarly, for assigning lead to Assembly System Sales -

  • Click on the rule named Process Automation Specialist.
  • Click on new in rule entries-
  • Sort Order: 2
  • Run this rule if - criteria are met.

  • Select queue to assign the lead to - 

  • Save !!!

Finally we are ready to verify the challenge !!!

Hope you enjoyed it.

Happy Trailblazing!!!!!


  • Don't forget to assign Nushi Davoud as your manager.
  • Check the validation rule , it should be same as  mentioned above.
  • Make sure you write the names of the queue correctly as mentioned  -
    • Rainbow Sales
    • Assembly Sysem Sales
  • Assign respective queues when leads source equals-
    • Assembly System Sales ->>> Phone Inquiry,Partner Referral,Purchased List,Other
    • Assign Rainbow Sales ->>> Web 



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