Apex Specialist - Challenge 6

Test Scheduling logic

Hi Rangers ,

Great going !!! Time to move forward with step 5,

1. Apex Class

  • Go to Developer Console >>> File >>> Open >>> Apex Class 

  • Click on WarehouseSyncScheduleTest class >>> Open

A template of the apex class will be opened, write your code there-
public class WarehouseSyncScheduleTest {
    @isTest static void WarehousescheduleTest(){
        String scheduleTime = '00 00 01 * * ?';
        Test.setMock(HttpCalloutMock.class, new WarehouseCalloutServiceMock());
        String jobID=System.schedule('Warehouse Time To Schedule to Test',
scheduleTime, new WarehouseSyncSchedule());
        //Contains schedule information for a scheduled job. CronTrigger is similar
to a cron job on UNIX systems.
        // This object is available in API version 17.0 and later.
        CronTrigger a=[SELECT Id FROM CronTrigger where NextFireTime > today];
        System.assertEquals(jobID, a.Id,'Schedule ');

Save it

Run Test

Finally we are ready to verify the challenge !!! Congrats, rangers for completing the Apex specialist superbadge.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Happy Trailblazing!!!!!


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