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Release Management - II

Hi Rangers,  Hope You enjoyed learning about Application life cycle management in my previous blog of Release Management. If you haven't visited it yet, do check it out before beginning this module. Today we'll be learning about Development models - Development Models:        Change Set development        Org Development        Package development All these three development models are similar as they all follow the same ALM process, the only difference lies in the way they all manage changes in org. Different development model suits various situation. Change set Development It’s not necessary to find all the changes in the component in Metadata API so those changes need to be moved manually from one environment to another. As a release manager, you would need to include dependent component in the release otherwise the deployment may lead to failure. Let me just example it with the help of example, suppose you want to migrate a custom field to another environment,

Release Management - I

Hi Rangers, Welcome to the month of February, time to unleash new sphere of learning. Let us start our new adventure, today we will learn about Release management from beginner to advanced level. But before starting with the release management, let us build the foundation with Application Life cycle Management. Application Life cycle Management (ALM) - Application life cycle  management is an integrated system of people, processes, and tools that manages the life cycle of an application or software from gathering requirements to delivery of the final product. Different Salesforce projects will have different project requirements, apps and tools but the only common thing in all of them are the steps of the ALM cycle which will remain constant throughout the development. Figure 1: Application Lifecycle Management Step 1: Plan Release Gathering project requirements and analyzing  them. Creating design specifications with the development team. Determining various development & t