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Guide to Certification Path

Hi Rangers, I have been receiving a lot of queries, requesting me to guide on salesforce certification. So here I am .....  I’ll be sharing with you the entire process for applying for the exam. Salesforce conducts its certification exam on webassessor online testing platform. 1.    Go to  Webassessor Login page , Login to your account , if you don’t have a Webassessor account you will need to create one.   2.     Once account is being created, you’ll get an email notifying the account has been created. Login  >>>   you’ll land up on home page of web accessor. 3.     Make sure your profile is updated and is linked to your trailhead account. If not, then click on Edit profile on the right side of the screen. 4.     Now you will be able to register for one of the certification exams. Go to Register for an exam tab. Click on + icon of the category of exam you want to give. 5.     Say , you want to give Developer exams, once you click on + icon in front  of developer exa