Creating Fields in bulk

Hi rangers !!! Today i learnt about a new feature - none another than,  creating fields in bulk . As per the project requirement i was supposed to make 200 fields in my salesforce sandbox. I am glad that i came across the feature called - "Field Creator" . It is a part of Salesforce ToolKit. These tool help us getting our work fast and in the efficient manner.  Salesforce toolkit provides 8 tools and application for our help - Org Doctor Org Compare Data Compare Config Switch Schema Lister Field Creator Package Builder Code Scanner You can check about all these tools from the official website - Salesforce Field Creator-  We all know that creation of custom field is so critical in the first phase of project and is also time consuming when there are so many fields to insert in production org. Field Creator can really help us in creating custom fields all in one go in our Salesforce org, along with all the field level level security, thereby saving our

Apex Specialist - Challenge 6

Test Scheduling logic Hi Rangers , Great going !!! Time to move forward with step 5, 1. Apex Class Go to Developer Console >>> File >>> Open >>> Apex Class  Click on WarehouseSyncScheduleTest  class >>> Open A template of the apex class will be opened, write your code there- @ isTest public class WarehouseSyncScheduleTest {         @ isTest static void WarehousescheduleTest (){         String scheduleTime = '00 00 01 * * ?' ;         Test . startTest ();         Test . setMock ( HttpCalloutMock . class , new WarehouseCalloutServiceMock ());         String jobID = System . schedule ( 'Warehouse Time To Schedule to Test' , scheduleTime, new WarehouseSyncSchedule ());         Test . stopTest ();         //Contains schedule information for a scheduled job. CronTrigger is similar to a cron job on UNIX systems.         // This object is available in API version 17.0 and later.         CronTri

Process Automation Specialist - Challenge 1

Hi rangers, Watching videos is easy these days than reading, but what if you just have to follow the steps for a challenge , Isn't a time taking process for you ?? Moreover it takes lot of your internet MB's to get ahead. Wondering for an easy solution. Here it is- Let's follow the steps together - Prerequisite: Make sure you have successfully logged in to your trailhead playground and have installed the package:      Package Name: Process Automation Superbadge unmanaged package       Package ID: 04t46000001Zch4 Make a new user as -     First name: Nushi      Last name: Davoud     Alias: will be filled automatically as ndavo.     Email: your own unique email id will work fine.     Username: will be autofilled but you can change it to an easy one . Make sure it is unique.       User License: Salesforce     Profile: Standard User   Now, edit your own details make Nushi as your own manager- Click edit in front of your name. Scroll down at t